What an amazing game baseball is!

No other game connects generations. Baseball is something that can be handed down from generation to generation as a great family tradition. What an amazing game baseball is, to be shared with our children and grandchildren.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congrats Tommy!

Today a very close and dear friend of my wife, daughter and mine, Mr. Tommy Lasorda was inducted into the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame. For those that havent met Tommy Lasorda before, Tommy is one of the finest people you will ever meet. He has made a tremendous and never ending impact in my life. I can't think of any other person in the entire world that is more deserving of this honor. Congrats Tommy on a much deserved honor. My wife, daughter and I, love you, we respect you and we are truly grateful for your friendship and all that you have done for us throughout the years.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Aloha and Welcome to my new Baseball Card Blog! I have created this blog to share with you my passion for baseball and baseball card collecting. I have been collecting since 1982 and have just recently decided to narrow my focus and collecting goals. My baseball card collection is now focused on 3 main areas. My goal is to collect:

1. Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF) Autographs
2. Perez Steele Autographed Postcards (Basic, Celebrations and Great Moments)
3. Los Angeles Dodgers Autographs
4. Donruss Diamond Kings Autographs

I will try to update my blog everyday when possible with my collection progress. Of all of my collecting goals, the one that I am focusing most of my attention on is Hall of Fame Autographs and Game Used. There are 289 members in the Baseball Hall of Fame and I will chart my progress here one card at a time until I obtain all 289 members. So, check back often as I will post scans and updates often for you to enjoy. I truly hope you will get as much enjoyment from my blog as much as I anticipate I will. Thanks for reading. Until next time.......